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    International Wood Design Awards

    Chongqing Yuanlu Community Center??


    2019年3月4日(溫哥華時間),Wood WORK BC在加拿大溫哥華會議中心隆重舉辦了第十五屆2019年木結構設計大獎(BC WOOD DESIGN AWARDS),400多名杰出的建筑師、結構工程師、開發商和項目團隊齊聚一堂。

    在今年的設計大獎中,共設有14個類別,每個類別只有一個項目獲獎。旨為表彰在木結構建筑和設計方面獲得卓越成績且倡導和創新使用木結構的企業或個人。該評選特設了一個國際最佳木結構設計獎(International Wood Design Awards)用來表彰加拿大BC省以外設計創新的木結構項目。今年提交的項目來自加拿大BC省、美國和亞洲的許多地方,也有來自中國、韓國和塔吉克斯坦的國際項目。在400多個參賽作品中,我司主持項目重慶原麓社區中心榮獲“2019國際最佳木結構設計獎”。

    VANCOUVER, March 4, 2019‐Inspired architecture and innovative structural engineering using wood in a remarkable diversity of building types, sizes and purposes were in the spotlight tonight at the 15th annual 2019 Wood Design Awards in BC, sponsored by Wood WORKS! BC.?More than 400 distinguished architects, structural engineers, developers, project teams together with industry sponsors and guests, gathered this evening to celebrate excellence in contemporary wood design and building.

    There were 103 nominations in 14 categories from many locations in BC as well as the US and Asia, with international projects in China, Korea and Tajikistan. Our project "Chong qing Yuanlu Comcmunity Center" won "International Wood Design Awards".


    △??Wood Works BC執行董事?
    Lynn Embury‐Williams女士發言


    Ms Williams said “Designers are using wood to increase construction speed, reduce costs and improve building performance while reducing carbon emissions. The enthusiasm and originality of wood is evident, and every year designers explore new areas of wood construction and design. And let us be surprised."


    Chongqing Yuanlu Community Center



    Facing Yulin River, the Project sits next to Longxing Ancient Town, Chongqing, China。In order to demonstrate the philosophy of authenticity of architecture, space, form and structure, architects use timber to closely link space and structure, thus making the architecture itself have the "virtue of honesty".

    Exposed Glulam?structures are applied as the crucial visual element for wooden buildings.?The order and form similar to the sloping roofs in Chongqing are adopted for expression. Architects convert varying units into structural components and arrange those components in a certain changing mode, so that the architectural form changes with the space.?Wood components are lapped straight and well-structured in elaborate layout, with a strong sense of construction. Smooth lines and a sense of unity make the building space extremely charming. Dynamic balance of components presents architectural features and livens up the space.?

    About Wood Design Awards BC


    The Wood Design Awards bring together people from all sectors to recognize leadership and innovation in wood use. The awards also serve as an opportunity to publicly recognize and encourage continued excellence in the building and design community and in the forest industry. This high profile annual event celebrates innovative structural and architectural uses of wood and provides an opportunity for architects, engineers, building designers, builders and project owners to showcase their projects.


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